Alamo Heights

Their estates were as stunning as the views and, in the 1890s, others followed suit.

Welcome to Alamo Heights

A sylvan enclave of San Antonio with excellent schools and stunning homes
Inspired by two enterprising settlers, Alamo Heights has been steadily gaining attention since the mid-1800s. Charles Anderson and George Washington Brackenridge were the first to build in this scenic spot, appreciating the majestic trees and peaceful atmosphere. Their estates were as stunning as the views and, in the 1890s, others followed suit. With those grand trees towering over the land, new residents took advantage of the shade and arboreous beauty and designed a town to incorporate the wild landscape. By 1921, the residential oasis was in full swing. In the industrious years that followed, Alamo Heights has retained an air of grace and intimacy. 
Today, this sylvan paradise boasts an outstanding school district, a serene, peaceful atmosphere, and homes just as stunning as Anderson and Brackenridge’s early estates. Classic post-war craftsman designs and elegant Mediterranean estates represent Alamo Heights vintage homes, while lush, sprawling lawns and generous windows are hallmarks of the beautiful new construction builds, as is the superior craftsmanship with which they are built. Gleaming hardwood floors, stone patios dappled with lemony sunlight, and sparkling swimming pools round out some of the luxe features residents enjoy in Alamo Heights homes. And, of course, those magnificent trees, centuries-old now, line the driveways and expansive backyards, soaking up the sun and reflecting the solidity of this esteemed community.

What to Love

  • Designer showrooms and stylish boutiques
  • Leafy streets and expansive green spaces
  • Stunning homes with charm and character
  • Fine dining and global cuisine
  • Superior craftsmanship 

People & Lifestyle

This genteel neighborhood moves at a languid pace and that’s just how residents like it. San Antonio is mere minutes away if excitement is what you’re after. Otherwise, this picturesque town offers what residents have coveted for generations – serenity, warmth, and neighbors with as much character as the trees canopying the streets. There is an old-fashioned quality to life here that residents adore – drivers are slow and courteous, neighbors quickly become old friends, and borrowing a cup of sugar is still a way of life.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Dining in Alamo Heights is a global experience. Classic French brasserie Bistr09 showcases the talents of renowned chefs Damien and Lisa Watel. With unique twists on classic cuisine and exceptional service, this cozy, elegant eatery transports you to a French village. The chef-owners show their love for the neighborhood by adding the 09 to the name – which stands for the Alamo Heights zip code. 
Hanzo, a Japanese-style gastropub, delivers a laid-back setting, artisanal cocktails, Japanese beer, sake, and small plates, like the chef’s nigiri board and the fire-breathing house roll. Travel next to Naples for Neapolitan-style pizza at the stylish Braza Brava Pizzeria Napoletana. With rustic elegance and a wood-fired oven, this elevated pizzeria has become a sought-after San Antonio destination. Your culinary travels continue with Soluna, a vibrant Mexican restaurant with a colorful design and authentic dishes like enchiladas de mar made with snapper, shrimp, lobster, and chili poblano al carbon.

Things to Do

A bastion of beauty and culture, Alamo Heights provides elegant and picturesque pastimes. The lush landscape of San Antonio means Alamo Heights residents have a tranquil, picturesque setting to enjoy. The city’s official botanical museum, San Antonio Botanical Garden delights 33 acres of floral beauty. Serving as a museum of plants, this serene escape features a living classroom, a research and conservation facility, walking trails, and a dazzling array of flowers and plants. The San Antonio Japanese Tea Garden features a meticulously maintained year-round garden with leafy walkways, beautiful stone bridges, a sparkling waterfall, and ponds filled with koi. With 23 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds and a stunning example of Spanish Colonial Revival architecture, the McNay Art Museum features an impressive collection of modern masters, including Vincent van Gogh, Joan Mitchell, Georgia O’Keeffe, Pablo Picasso, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir.


Alamo Heights is home to the outstanding Alamo Heights Independent School District.
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